Product and User Experience Design

Our in-house design studio

We can help you kickstart your data project today. Our designers are experts in their craft with web and mobile design.

Whether you have an idea for a dashboard or a mobile application, Prism can bring your idea to life.

UX/UI Design

Our trained staff of designers & engineers can deliver product designs that matter to you, and your end users.

Product Development

Our approach is lean & agile while leveraging the fundamentals of the design process to provide the direction for product development.

Design ServicesWe specialize in


We explore the competitive market to identify the elements that sets your brand apart.

User Research

Research is performed to learn about our users and the problem so that design is executed via evidence driven decisions.

Visual Design

Visual design renders a pixel perfect representation of the final product. This helps us define, test, refine, and deliver the best possible result.


We don't want to miss any possibility, so we have our own ideation process which helps us surface all these valuable ideas.


A full brand identity represents everything your brand stands for. This helps users recognize your product, and clients leverage it for all their needs.


Our design team includes expert, full-stack, engineers who sit next to designers to take advantage of high-bandwidth communication during development.