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Management services for big data technologies

Future-Proof Big Data Operations And Platform Management Services

Building a team with Big Data expertise and getting them to work on improving the quality of insight obtained from the Big Data pipelines, could be a time-consuming and expensive activity. Clairvoyant’s Big Data Management service team comes with an experience of managing 300+ large-scale Big Data infrastructures. From setting up to managing day-to-day operations and helping organizations move forward, Clairvoyant’s Big Data management team is capable of all. Our Managed services suite has a list of options to choose from, which allows you to create your own cost-effective bouquet of bespoke services. This way you achieve your business goals faster in an affordable manner.

How Will Your Business Benefit With Clairvoyant’s Big Data Management Services

Hadoop Services

E2E Platform agnostic services

Solution for any Big Data infrastructure

  • End-to-end ownership of your Big Data solution.
  • Services across infra providers such as Hadoop, Kafka, AWS, Azure, Nifi, OpenShift, Airflow and many more
  • Services to manage migration across platforms
  • 24*7 coverage, Flexible pricing
Value added services for Apache Hadoop Platform

Value Added Services

Obtain, process and store data with the Apache™ Hadoop platform

  • Architect, implement, Create, Rollout, Maintain. Everything included
  • Built-in ingestion accelerators, which increase speed and efficiency
  • Work on improving the efficiency of current pipelines, helping your time, gain better value from the current solution

Accelerate time-to-value generation

Experience Clairvoyant’s Value Proposition

  • Reduced Roll-out time and cost
  • Enterprise-grade safety, security, and reliability
  • Optimized infrastructure, appropriate solution.

What Our Clients Tell About Our Big Data Management Services


As Swift began the transition from our legacy warehouse to our Big Data environment, we faced a skill gap in standing up that new architecture. Clairvoyant provided helpful insight during the planning phase of the project and later built our Big Data Infrastructure well below the cost of similar offerings. Now, Clairvoyant is providing us with ongoing support and maintenance. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with their Big Data challenges.

Casey Fox, Data Warehouse Director - Swift Transportation

How Insight’s Managed Services Is Effective For You

Insight provides a complete set of Hadoop Infrastructure and worry-free support services for enterprise grade applications. Insight’s effect is felt through the process of Proactive Management, Proactive Support, Prescriptive Management and Reporting. Insight delivers reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT management and support demonstrated in these stages of managed services.

Managed Services
  • OS tuning
  • Spark tuning
  • Hbase tuning
  • Upgrading and patches
  • TSB/Distribution bulletin fix
  • Proactive Management and altering
  • Ticketing workflow
  • Break - fix management
  • Runbooks
  • CCR
  • DR Backup
  • Road Mapping + Capacity Planning
  • Weekly diagnostic reports
  • Monthly summary reports
  • Quarterly reviews and planning reports
  • Annual summary and impact reports

Additional Services


Cloud or On-Premise

Run your cluster on-prem or in the cloud, we provide flexibility that fits your needs.

Flexible and SLA Focused Plans

Flexible, SLA Focused Plans

We support 24x7 or 8x5 and establish SLAs that are tailored to your business needs.



Reduce CapEx commitments and translate into Opex flexibility.

Insight’s Key Differentiators

What sets us apart, what allows us to differentiate from other Big Data management services available in the market, is we provide the convenience of everything under one cohesive management umbrella. We keep the process transparent and you always stay in control of your data.

  • Dev/QA clusters managed at no extra cost.
  • Cluster roll out included.
  • Security implementations included.
  • No-hidden vendor lock-in.
  • Can be easily moved to your team whenever they are ready.
  • Complete transparency and ownership of process and technology.





Global Team

Global Team





Proactive Support

Proactive Support

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Interested in transforming your business using Data?

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Shoot us an email or give us a call and let’s get the conversation started!