About Us

Our Mission

To be the most reliable and efficient Big Data Analytics partner in the Hadoop Ecosystem.

ClairvoyantPassionate About Technology

Clairvoyant is a global technology consulting and services company. We help organizations build innovative products and solutions using big data, analytics, and the cloud.

We provide the best-in-class solutions and services that leverage big data and continually exceed client expectations. Our deep vertical knowledge combined with expertise on multiple, enterprise-grade big data platforms helps support purpose-built solutions to meet our client’s business needs.

Our global team consists of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in design, software engineering, analytics, and data science. Each member of our team is highly energetic and committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Executive Team

Chandra Ambadipudi

Chief Executive Officer

Chandra in his current role as the CEO of Clairvoyant, co-founded the company in 2012 and has driven the company to become a leading big data player with multiple Fortune 500 customers today. A highly motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record. He also co-founded BlueCanary Data, a predictive analytics product company focused on higher education, and lead it through a successful acquisition last year.

Shekhar Vemuri

Chief Technology Officer

Shekhar is a passionate technologist, with a drive to solve large scale and complex problems. He has the ability to get into minute details helping solve and implement solutions. At the same time Shekhar has a holistic approach to architecting large scale systems and product lines. With years of experience in big data, he has the expertise to design and implement an ecosystem around big data.

Pankaj Gaddam

Chief Operating Officer

With over 15 years experience in technology with leading companies across USA, Pankaj has significant expertise in solving critical business issues leveraging multiple technology platforms. At Clairvoyant Pankaj manages the business operations globally driving efficiencies and operational excellence. He has been instrumental in driving significant innovations and standardizations in the global Clairvoyant operations that today deliver a great customer experience.

Avinash Ramineni


Avinash Ramineni is a principal at Clairvoyant and leads the engineering efforts in the big data space. He is a passionate technologist with a drive to understand the bigger picture and convert that into pragmatic, implementable solutions. Avinash has over 13 years of experience in engineering and architecting systems on a large scale. He specializes in providing solutions in the areas of big data, cloud, NoSQL, SOA, and event-driven architectures. Prior to Clairvoyant, Avinash was a principal engineer at Apollo Group, where he was responsible for innovation and technical guidance for all the product development efforts. Avinash holds an MS in computer science from Arizona State University.

Vikram Bhalchandra

Sales & Marketing Head

In his current role as head of sales and marketing for Clairvoyant, Vikram is focussed on building the Clairvoyant brand and growing the company’s global footprint across enterprise and big data customers. A senior IT executive with more than 22 years experience with global leaders like CapGemini, UST Global, Reliance Group etc. he has helped scale multiple technology businesses globally.

Amita Mirajkar

Co-Founder, Clairvoyant India

Amita is a senior & influential technology leader with close to 2 decades of experience managing enterprise architecture, front-end, quality engineering, and big data technologies. She is globally responsible for the development and delivery of all programs across the enterprise portfolio of Clairvoyant India. Passionate about delivering business value through high-quality, scalable solutions, Amita has successfully played roles of agile coach, solutions architect, and product evangelist in various occasions. Amita holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Phoenix and was a member of the senior management team in the software division of Apollo Group in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shantanu Mirajkar

Co-Founder, Clairvoyant India

Shantanu is a seasoned technology leader with over 16 years of experience in enterprise applications, big data technologies, data science, and analytics. In his current role as the co-founding director of Clairvoyant’s India office, he is responsible for all big data projects that are delivered from India. He also heads the Hadoop administration practice and managed services team. He is passionate about exploring new product ideas and actively promotes innovation and creativity in his team that will mutually scale the growth of the company as well as the employee. Shantanu is an alumnus of the University of Phoenix and is also a noted speaker and thought leader in technical meetups, big data events, and is the organizer of the annual Pune Data Conference.