Clairvoyant partners with Cazena to launch
Cloud Migration Acclerator

The Cloud Migration Accelerator includes:

  • An assessment to discover and recommend appropriate architecture, hybrid capabilities, workload priorities, migration process and validation
  • A private, single-tenant Cloudera stack, delivered as SaaS on AWS or Microsoft Azure, provisioned on-demand, managed and supported 24x7.
  • The highest-grade enterprise security model, compliance certifications, continuous monitoring, automatic issue resolution (patching, vulnerability assessment, etc.)
  • Data migration services and tools to migrate workloads from source systems to cloud, and connect with existing data flows.
  • The ability to access Cloudera in the cloud with any existing tools and easily add new data and analytics tools via the Cazena AppCloud for instant connectivity.
  • 24x7 Application support and system tuning capabilities, to ensure reliability improved system performance
  • Fully-managed operations (upgrades, backup, etc), enterprise security, ongoing monitoring and management of cloud infrastructure, clusters and workloads.