A robust document
transaction system
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About The Company

The client is a fortune 100 healthcare company.


  • Productivity improvements in business teams and across different teams
  • Ability to dynamically query data in real time
  • Significant time reduction in data transformation
  • Ability to perform bulk transactions on documents
  • Stable and scalable infrastructure
  • Application readiness to handle larger volumes of transactions
  • Business Challenges

  • The finance and legal teams were facing severe operational and productivity issues sue to the inaccessibility of customer data seamlessly
  • They needed the ability to access customer data stored in different formats in a centralized system for processing
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant developed an ingestion platform for documents ingestion from the client’s printing system. We also implemented a services platform to retrieve documents and gave proper access management to roles and permissions. Our platform gave the right access points for performing transactions on documents. We managed the data store implementation for storing documents and developed an audit trail implementation for regulatory needs.

    The Impact

    Reduction in data transformation and data queries
    Improvement in staff productivity


    quote The platform built by Clairvoyant help us finance and legal teams to be able to access all customer documents through a consolidated portal and perform bulk transactions on them. This significantly increases our staff's productivity. quote