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enable effective treatment decisions
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About The Company

NantHealth is a next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company enabling improved patient outcomes and more effective treatment decisions for critical illnesses. NantHealth‘s unique systems-based approach to personalized healthcare integrates novel diagnostics with large-scale, biometric and phenotypic data to track patient outcomes and deliver precision medicine.


  • Ability to anonymize, tokenize patient data
  • Ability to build and run machine learning models on existing data
  • Enforced attribute/role based access to patient data
  • Users had flexibility to do person on-demand analytics
  • Accelerated rollout of the application with regulatory compliance
  • Enabled the customers to further research on this data in a safe and secure manner
  • Business Challenges

  • Create a light weight ingestion solution
  • Implementing Security Framework through encryption
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant analysed the existing infrastructure & process and created a multi-tenant Hadoop based solution. We also created lightweight ingestion solution using Streamsets & Kafka. We transformed the data model from MySQL to HDFS. We used the SolrJ API for indexing data to update Solr indexes for implementing search use cases. We used Spark as a processing engine that would read the data from HDFS / Hive and do the computations. We received multi-level data which was provided as input-feed to Solr Ingest process. All the data was segregated in HDFS by customer for querying. We also implemented the security frameworks through encryption zones by customer.

    The Impact

    Accelerated Rollout of Changes
    50% More


    quote My experience with Clairvoyant was a success. They did an outstanding job, considering the unique needs of the industry and advancements in the analytic tools and products. quote