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About The Company

Lift361 works with major retailers, e-commerce businesses, customer finance companies and CPGs across the United States to help them analyze data, find insights, and take meaningful actions that generate measurable results. They work closely with their clients to develop programs delivering revenue and ensuring business growth. Their proven proprietary system collects, overlays, and mines data to provide the foundation for strong strategic solutions.


  • Reduction in data processing time.
  • Saving of time and cost on new data.
  • Higher effectiveness of the Tableau dashboard to access summary data.
  • Scalable structure for future needs.
  • Business Challenges

  • A solution to ingest, transform and summarize data quickly.
  • An alternate solution to their database storage layer.
  • Allow connections from Tableue without the use of extracts.
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant developed a solution with an AWS installation and setup a multi node cluster which reduced the data processing time by half. This provided an alternate database storage. We also developed an Ingest Pipeline process for data transfer, data append and data replacement. This workflow was within Apache Airflow to coordinate pipelines. Finally, we developed the Tableau dashboards to access summary data without the use of extracts.

    The Impact

    Reduction in Processing Time
    Increase in Efficiency


    quote With Clairvoyant’s proactive and expedited support we were able to build out our cluster in a very quick time frame and were able to migrate all our data into the new infrastructure. As a result of the new solution that Clairvoyant implemented, we are able to see reduced data processing times and the dashboards being up-to-date with the latest data. Well Done! quote