Good manufacturing practices and
quality control data warehouse system
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About The Company

Kite Pharma is dedicated to achieving one of the most ambitious goals of 21st century medicine: curing cancer. This mission is at the heart of everything they do, from early research to product development. For the past three decades, members of their team have been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy. Today, they are a leader in engineered T cell therapy, transforming cancer treatment with what is potentially the biggest breakthrough since the introduction of combination chemotherapy more than 60 years ago. To bring about this transformation, they’re developing innovative products that harness a patient’s own immune system to target and kill cancer cells. Early clinical studies in patients who were treated with engineered T cells have produced dramatic results thus far, up to and including complete remission of cancer in some patients who have aggressive disease and have not responded to other therapies.


  • Users can directly do on-demand analytics, search and retrieve information.
  • Improved operational efficiencies in GMP and Quality control of equipments.
  • Ability to manage and improve operations of 9 different types of medical instrument using analytical insights in minimal time.
  • Implementation of similar solution for another set of instruments in next phase.
  • Business Challenges

  • Securely archive lab equipment generated data.
  • Proof-of-concept for performing advanced data mining and analytical queries.
  • Ensuring data availability for analytics and search, adhering to frequency at which data is pushed into system.
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant provisioned a multi node CDH cluster to secure all processes using Kerberos and ADP constraints. We developed a Data Pipeline to ingest, analyze/process and mine data to structuralize as required. Clairvoyant also provided various intuitive user interfaces for analysing, searching and retrieving data on demand based on user request.

    The Impact

    Accelerated Rollout of Changes
    More Flexibility to Users
    Demand Analytics


    quote Our experience with Clairvoyant was great. They came through with our desired changes and created an unique and amazing user environment. quote