A self-service based comprehensive
student information system
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About The Company

Technology focused companies are sometimes faced with the daunting task of automating information processes and updating legacy systems. For GCU, this was no exception. Clairvoyant has been involved in an ongoing effort to ease the information serving process for various personas across the university's staff while providing a technologies to facilitate these efforts.


  • Achieved the goals of scaling enrollments without additional staff
  • Students had access to a self-service option
  • Efficiently evaluate credits and schedules
  • The solution was able to drive automation, reduce errors & operational efficiencies
  • Application readiness to handle larger volumes of transactions
  • Business Challenges

  • To create a credit evaluation platform to process 25,000 courses a month and 40,000 students.
  • To build a modernized IT structure and application to drive staff efficiency and student self-service.
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant automated the process of transcript evaluation through algorithms and micro services. We replaced GCU’s current SIS system and implemented services to compute schedule and determine degree progress end to end. Additionally, we developed a module that determines applicability of scholarships and has the ability to track and audit changes to scholarships given by the university.

    The Impact

    Increase in Student Enrollment Without Additional Staff
    Efficiency Increase in Evaluating Credits & Schedule
    Operational Efficiency


    quote The Clairvoyant team's commitment and outstanding level of service has helped us achieve the operational efficiency that puts us in a position to drive automation and self service options for our staff and students. quote