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About The Company

Altisource is a leader in providing services and technology for the mortgage and real estate industries. With innovation as a guiding principle and a focus on compliance and exceptional service, they provide end-to-end solutions in origination and servicing, and offer online real estate platforms for consumers and investors.


  • Productivity improvements in business teams
  • Enabled the business to get sub-second responses for their search queries on near real time transactional data
  • Attribute based access controls for business divisions for regulatory needs
  • Ascertain creditworthiness of customers beforehand for enhanced servicing options
  • Ability to retrieve and view documents on demand in a dynamic and secure interface
  • Stable and scalable infrastructure for future needs
  • Business Challenges

  • Provide RealDoc Document Management as a SAAS over a cloud infrastructure.
  • Deliver an interface to search the documents in a secure, real-time, performant and reliable way.
  • Key Technologies

    The Solution

    Clairvoyant architected and built a multi-tenant platform on the cloud, while ensuring that the documents can be streamed from Mongo DB to Elasticsearch. We implemented a service platform to search, retrieve documents and provided access to team members based on their level or attributes. The solution also provided Altisource with an audit trail implementation to regulate the process.

    The Impact

    Million Documents Streamed Per Day
    Staff Productivity Improvements


    quote Clairvoyant is able to scale a productive platform for our requirement. They have become integral to our development process and provide insight that goes beyond just programming services. quote